World’s first smart car charger

The most powerful charger of its kind

Saving your parking location

No more parking tickets

Automatic mileage registration

Always connected

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ZUS Smart Car Charger
ZUS Smart Key Finder
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ZUS Smart Car Mount
ZUS Smart Tire Senso
ZUS Smart Backup Sensor

No assembly costs: plug and drive!

nonda ZUS is world’s smart car charger. It will save your car’s location automatically, organizes your mileage registration and has a Parking Meter Alert. It also charges two devices 2 times faster than average car chargers. Check all benefits!


With nonda ZUS smarter on the go

Convenience and safety for you and your car

Stay connected

Remain always accesible. With 2 reversible USB ports it is possible to charge two devices 2,2 times faster than average car chargers. nonda ZUS has top of the line lighting for increased visibility in dark environments.

Saving your parking location

To find your car, open the nonda ZUS app and be guided back to your car. nonda ZUS will save your car’s location automatically. Save time and effort, since you no longer have to search your car.

Never pay another parking ticket

Avoid unnecessary fines and hassle. nonda ZUS has a smart Parking Meter Alert. So you will save money and time.


How does it work

1 Install easily in any car

2 Download the app for Android of iOS

3 Pair automatically

4 Enjoy the latest in convenience and safety

nonda ZUS makes it easier

Smart Car Finder

Whenever you park your car, nonda ZUS will safe your car’s location automatically.

Parking Meter Alert

Never pay any parking ticket again with the Parking Meter Alert.

Dual USB Car Charger

Plug your cable in either direction and charge for maximum speed.

Car Battery Health Monitor*

Actively monitor your car’s battery and get notified when your battery is underperforming. *iOS only.

ElegantShineTM Lightning

System top of the line lightening for increased visibility in dark enviroments.

Family Share

Continuously share your parking location with your spouse, friends or colleagues.

App screenshots

March 2017 three new apps will be launched: dashcam, tire pressure and rear view camera. Till the end of 2018 another 22 innovative apps will be launched. nonda ZUS is making every car a connected car.

Mobile App Screenshot

Connect several cars

Mobile App Screenshot

Car Battery Health Monitor

Mobile App Screenshot

Parking Meter Alert

Mobile App Screenshot

Mileage registration